viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Food that is fun for kids and grown ups!

I haven’t been able to update this, but I am back and I have more time to spend here.  

So, what am I going to talk about now?  I know how about I show you some great food and packages that I have  bought this last Halloween.  Yes I know it is a little late to talk about Halloween. It’s like celebrating Christmas in July.

The good thing about any holyday is the things that are usually put in the market in these special occasions.  Now Halloween is a great holyday if you want to check out really cool things like food that make anything change color or even food that are inspired by a horror movie or monster.

Let’s start with the Captain Crunch cereal. As you can see Captain Crunch has always been doing this special edition cereal thing for quite a while. This time the made a cereal that turns your milk green, it’s really fun to check those creepy creatures like bats and ghost changing color with the milk.  In the box you can see Captain Crunch as a werewolf and some elements from the holyday to adorn the box. (Really cool if you are a kid or just a fan of this cereal)

Now if you were a kid in the 80’s and you love nostalgic stuff this cereal is just for you. Remember the old monsters cereals? Well they are back almost every Halloween and this item is a must buy.  These cereals are really hard to find. I got lucky and brought the count chocula cereal and the boo berry cereal.  They have the same taste as they use to have, so if you love their taste you must get this.

Another strange thing that I bought was this green lantern’s “Gloo Ball”. So what is this Gloo Ball thing? They don’t sound that good if you put another name like green lantern’s balls or something, but is safe to say that these are delicious. They don’t sell them anymore, because these were in stores for a limited time only.  These are coconut marshmallow chocolate cakes and are really cool and tasty. (They don’t glow in the dark or give you superpowers, but they are still worth buying if you are a comic book fan).

This is the end of this update to my blog, stay tune for more crazy stuff that I bought and you can get, or check my new drawings here.