martes, 3 de enero de 2012

Some more food!

It’s that time again; time to get some cool food. Look at this, the box art is really something else and also what’s inside the box.  

As you can see this was from this last Halloween, but you can still get some of these. Captain Crunch is always got to get if you are in to his Halloween cereal that turns the milk green. Also you must get these fruit roll ups made from those great monster’s cereals.

Captain Halloween crunch is a great cereal. This time the art work from the box is different. The other time Captain Crunch was dressed up as a wolf man, but now he is just carved in a pumpkin. At the back of the box you can see the same captain crunch pumpkin, but they show you how to do it if you want to do the same art for your pumpkin.
The monster’s cereals are always great to get, but they are really hard to find, most of the time you can find them in Walmart or Target. I recommend those two stores if you want to get this kind of products.  So… this time I couldn’t get the cereals, but I got these great fruit roll-ups that have the same flavor as the cereal. (Sorry, but they didn’t make Count Chocula, that’s kind of a letdown).

And also I got this great marshmallow reaper, but more than looking like a reaper he looks just like Skeletor from the old He-man cartoon.